coworkingAccording to Wikipedia coworking is a shared working environment for work at home professionals, independent workers or people who travel for work. To me coworking is so much more. Coworking gives you an opportunity to speak with others from other companies or professions. Coworking is a community of professionals that help one another. Who wants to stay home and work all the time and not be able to talk with someone on their breaks?

According to Peter Block the author of “Community” says “community” is the experience of belonging. ” We are in a community each time we find a place where we belong.”

How can you belong to a group at home by yourself? Sure you can be a part of a Facebook group or LinkedIn group but nothing compares to person to person interaction. My goal for this website is to spread the news about a new trend that I would love to bring to the area where I live, near the West Bloomfield, Michigan area.

The reason to have coworking space is to create a community of teleworkers that include independent professionals,  telecommuters, authors and more.

Why do you need a coworking space? It might be a variety of reasons, from you might have distractions at home (kids, relatives visiting), you want to get out of the house a couple of days of the week to meet others while still working.

If you are a telecommuter, Don’t you miss that 5 minute conversation with another coworker to break up the day and maybe start fresh after a 5 minute break? I’ve been telecommuting part-time for several years and I do miss that about being in an office. Join me in spreading the news and we hope to have a location sometime next year. We will be doing a fundraiser effort in the early part of the new year to get some much needed funding to get us started so look out for that.


Visionary Meetings Owner