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Hi everyone,

Detroit Zoo(Monday) I’m up at 11:37 pm, preparing for my big Indiegogo launch. Today, I took my kids to the zoo and the movies since they didn’t have any school. Going to the zoo in the winter is really cool, it’s like having the zoo all to yourself (sorta). There were roughly 50 families there. The last time we went in the summer it was so crowded and since we bought a family membership there was no extra cost involved today. Yay! We did go see “Frozen” and it was awesome. So I couldn’t get a lot of work done during the day so after the kids and hubby are sleep I’m typing away at my computer. I spent about 3-4 hours tonight preparing future tweets for the launch. I’m going to do most of them as I go but the ones I can do ahead, I’m doing them. It feels like a book launch without the book. The book is the service that I will be providing once I hit my goal.

Finding a small loan has me worrying a little bit but once I start the process I know everything will work out. This week is calling a couple of insurance companies for quotes and find me a new bank.

(Thursday) Today, I had an introductory session with my mentor who owns her own coworking space. We plan to talk every two weeks about my progress and I ask any questions that I might have about the business. I’m so excited!

So much to do with so little time. Onward bound.



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