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CollaborationCollaboration is working with each other to do a task and to achieve shared goals (Wikipedia). In a coworking office collaboration goes on constantly. Since most of the occupants of a coworking space wants to succeed whether it is at their own business or the company that they work for, they are constantly collaborating with other members. I think collaboration is great because you’re constantly learning new things that you can incorporate into your business.

—What are some things that companies can do to collaborate on projects?
  • —Co-sponsored events (meeting between employees)
  • —Co-sponsored virtual exhibits
  • —Joint webinars
  • —Creating solutions together based on separate niche services

Criteria for successful collaboration

Slavin (2011) emphasizes the importance of group rewards, which are only effective when each team member’s grade is based on a sum of the learning of all group members.

Social Interdependence

The goal of each team member depends on the achievement of all other team members

Outcome Goals

The desired results of are appropriate for collaboration

Dialog Quality

All team members make substantive contributions.