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Here is our official press release.

For Immediate Release:

Metro Detroit Coworking Initiative Starts Crowd-Funding Campaign for Affordable Day Care

Detroit, Michigan – February 17, 2014 – With technology being what it is today, many mothers are choosing to work from home or telecommuting, however they still need uninterrupted time to get the job done.  Day care can often be expensive and many families spend thousands on day care every year.  This can make many families suffer financially.  A new Metro Detroit initiative is taking place with coworking to solve problems that many women freelancers face.  Visionary Meetings is now starting a crowd-funding campaign through Indiegogo to help make this dream a reality.

Starting February 20, 2014 through April 14, 2014 Visionary Meetings hopes to raise money for a new coworking environment and a day care set up so mothers from around Metro Detroit can have time to get their work done in a separate environment from their home.  Coworking allows for an open work environment where freelancers can mix and mingle.  This onsite childcare center in the West Bloomfield area would welcome parents from surrounding communities where they can work with like-minded people.

Marketing coordinator, Angela Samuels, announced in February 2014 that she wanted to open a coworking office.  Through Indiegogo, she hopes to raise funds to make this dream come true for working parents around the community.  It is said it is important to separate work life from home life, which can be difficult for freelancers and telecommuters, which is why coworking can be a great alternative.

Samuels says, “We want to open up a family friendly coworking space in Oakland County, Michigan but we need your help.  We can’t do it alone.  The Visionary Meetings coworking center brings contractors, freelancers, consultants, and even small businesses together to work in a family friendly shared space where [workers] have access to a printer, mail services, and an onsite childcare service.”

Working from a coffee house or library does not provide the same effect as a coworking space would.  In a coworking space, everyone there is present for the same purpose and many thrive in that kind of environment.  Coworking allows people to form face-to-face business networking connections and meet new people to make friends with.

Supporters of the Indiegogo campaign receive rewards such as prepaid services for the coworking office, marketing services, and small tokens of appreciation.

For more information on this project or to support through the Indiegogo campaign, visit or contact Angela Samuels at VisionaryMeetings(at)