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coworkfamilyIt’s starting to get busy for the launch. I’m so grateful for the website and my friend Poly who have been helping me. I’ve been able to get a postcard designed, video pre-launch video done and a lot more for very little money. I’m currently working on my Indiegogo video campaign and it’s very hard. You read websites and books on how to record videos and planning the whole video can be a lot of work. I just might be making it into more than it is but I want it to portray my¬† passion for the whole family coworking space.

I don’t want to wait until the launch of my Indiegogo campaign to start communicating with you all. So you want to say Hello or have a question about the launch, head over to the Visionary Meetings Facebook Page and say Hello. It’s going to get crazy after Feb 2oth.

Just to give you a little advice about your Indiegogo campaign, make sure you plan a lot of your social media and blog post a head of time.

Also just a little background about me. I was born and raised in Detroit (Go Detroit!) Left when I went to Eastern Michigan University for my bachelors. I got my master’s in education at Wayne State University. I’m now living in the suburb of Detroit and I’m about to start my own brick and mortar coworking space. I’m so excited.

Talk to you soon!



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